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4 tips on overcoming fear and becoming a TED worthy public speaker

6 January 2015 3:00 PM
Akash Karia, author of “How to Design TED Worthy Talks”, has a few practical tips on mastering public speaking.

Communicating ideas should be second nature to world leaders and managers but, in fact, even for them it’s an acquired skill.

Akash Karia, Presentation Trainer and author of “How to Design TED Worthy Talks”, has a few practical tips on how to master public speaking.

1. The core message and power phrase

Interaction demands an influence into action. In the ten minutes you have to motivate people it is important that your message is narrowed down enough to have them hooked onto your presentation.

Ask yourself: What is the core message and how can I deliver it?

A power phrase - a single sentence that is less than ten words long that you repeat throughout your presentation - will help your audience keep track of your discussion.

A strong introduction means a more focused presentation.

2. Don’t’ memorise, internalise!

Do not memorise your presentation word for word. You may begin to sound rehearsed and lose your train of thought. A more practical solution is to structure your presentation into brief bullet points and speak to these ideas.

3. Stay connected by scanning and stopping

When you do not look people in the eye you lose your connection. You need to create a sense of trust between you and the audience.

Scan your audience, look them in the eye and scan back and forth. When you make an important point, stop and look one person in the eye. This assures a personal connection with the audience.

4. Embrace authenticity

Perfection sucks. Avoid the need to deliver a flawless presentation. When you prepare yourself to stagger, you avoid perfection and embrace authenticity.

Public speaking should be casual as an everyday conversation.

How to design TED worthy talks: Presentation Secrets of the World's Best Speakers is available at

Listen to the Soundcloud clip for more detail.

6 January 2015 3:00 PM

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