From breast cancer to base camp!

This weekend, Sam and Africa will get an update on their second victory, the first was over death, the second over life...

Imagine a week or more, battling with nausea, a headache, shortness of breath and exhaustion. That’s a week of chemotherapy for many breast cancer sufferers. It’s also the week long walk to Everest Base Camp. A group of local breast cancer survivors have done both, triumphing over the latter just this past week!

The trek wasn't without it's own set of challenges though! Sam and Africa spoke to expedition leader Klasie Wessels on Weekend Breakfast...

On the 14th of April a group women began a journey that will see them trek to Everest base camp. It's not the first time they have faced adversity, but when they triumphed over breast cancer, they won a war they didn’t start themselves. This new challenge was a choice but they will attack it as vigorously. They are all walking to raise awareness for the Breast Health Foundation, different women from different walks of life, all with the same goal.

On the 25th April their dreams were realised as they arrived at Everest base camp...

Another eventful day on the Everest base camp trek. Refilwe, Henrietta, Melanie, Izak, Dino, Sue and myself all made it to Everest base camp. We are now in Lobuche heading back to Lukla. Scheduled to fly to Kathmandu on 30th. It's not over till we trek the 60kms over 4 days back to Lukla. Then it's party time! Well done on the heroic Breast Health Foundation ladies who are flying the flag for all survivors of breast cancer as well as those suffering from this illness.

StreetSchool Facebook post by Klasie Wessels

The braveness of these ladies is illustrated in the breath taking pictures illustrating this story. Check out this photo gallery below...

Expedition leader Klasie Wessels updated the Weekend Breakfast team on progress of the trek...

Participant Henrietta van Kramberg says she didn’t survive cancer, she kicked it in its butt... in her six inch heels. She was 37 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer but she refused to let cancer stop her doing anything she loved. Including drinking champagne!

Refilwe Sedumedi says breast cancer was her first mountain. She decided to climb to Basecamp as a way of raising awareness for breast cancer. But she had another mountain to climb in between.

Until Ntokoza Dludla found the Breast Health Foundation, the only stuff she knew about breast cancer was what she had seen in the movies. She now works there to make sure people know what they are facing in a way she never did.

Soso Thame looks like a twelve year old girl but don’t let that fool you, she’s very strong and determined. She says she wants people to see her trek as proof that cancer is not a death sentence.

With the words, “I hope it is not what I think it is” from her doctor, Nqobile Mazibuko's life changed forever. But she said it was just another mountain to climb. She beat breast cancer like a prize fighter and she’s going to do the same with Everest.

I always say to people, if I managed chemo for six months, what is Mount Everest?

Nqobile Mazibuki, breast cancer survivor

According to the StreetSchool Facebook post, "Nqobile got very very close but had to be evacuated by helicopter on account altitude sickness"... The post contained this video:

Ntokoza Dludla was allegedly also airlifted to lower altitude after suffering symptoms of altitude sickness...

Here's a short video producted ahead of the trip...

Stay tuned to Weekend Breakfast for updates on the trek or follow them on twitter - #EBC2016BHF Or if you have a breast cancer related query call Bosom Buddies on 0860 283 343 and your ideal Buddie will call you!

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