TECHNOBYE for 18 April 2016

The Huawei Mate 8 Phablet has been launched in South Africa. The all metal design phablet features a 6 inch screen, a redesigned finger print sensor in a metallic body.

It has a huge battery and offers quick charging to fully charge your battery in 2.5 hours. The new Mate 8 also features a 16 MP camera and has 4GB of on board RAM making it super-fast.

If you are looking for a good value, solid phablet device take a close look at the Huawei Mate.

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality and chatbots – Facebook 2016 developer event revealed ambitious plans for expanding its social empire.

Facebook’s (mostly) annual developer event in San Francisco has been running since 2007. Over that time it has morphed from an insider code-builder’s event to a high-profile launch event.

Though the developers are still there, Facebook’s message is now rather more well honed when it comes to translating their mission to the masses.

This year, chatbots and virtual reality grabbed the most attention, but there were many smaller but significant announcements too.

A Spanish company called Smarttress has designed a bed that will alert your partner to any infidelity.

The bed has special sensors that will send a message to your partner’s smart phone via an app if there is any unusual movement on the bed.

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