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John Robbie revisits Kya Sand and Msawawa informal settlements

19 April 2016 11:31 AM

John has followed the poor living conditions in Kya Sands for a while, and paid a visit to see if promised changes have been made.

702's John Robbie has been following the living conditions and government intervention in Msawawa and Kya Sand informal settlements ever since one concerned listener, Keith Horwood, told him about the situation in the area.

Msawawa and Kya Sand are located in Region A of the City of Johannesburg. They both closely border on the Bloubosrand residential suburb.

Last year in October, John visited the area. At the time there were many visible problems.

Uncollected and stinking waste lay all over the place, dirty unsanitary water ran in the streets and there were power outages due to cable theft.

The community also needed a pedestrian bridge to cross the river.

Two weeks after John's visit to the area, hundreds of residents were left homeless after a massive fire which destroyed around 100 shacks.

At the time, John was told by some of the government officials that changes would be made after six months.

So what has been done?

The City has made some changes, including building the much needed bridge. People can now safely cross the river. Some areas are also being cleaned up using manual labour.

However, most of the area is still being used for illegal dumping, and the unhygienic water is still flowing on the streets.

John is making efforts to have the ward councillor on his Breakfast Show soon.

We tried to capture the living conditions in pictures.

See the photo gallery below...

Listen to John's commentary about his visit below...

19 April 2016 11:31 AM