TECHNOBYE for 16 May 2016

If you are out on the town and not sure if you are over the limit, you might want to carry Floome around with you.

Floome is a breathalyser test that connects to your phone. You simply plug into your microphone slot, start the app and blow into the device.

Floome measures your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and sends the results directly to your smartphone. The app picks up where you are, so it then knows the limits of the country you.

From within the app you can message a friend, find a taxi or a restaurant.

It will also tell you how long you need to sober up if you are over the limit, based on your sex, weight, height and age.

It uses the same sensor used in breathalysers of law enforcement officers.

More than two billion people lack adequate access to essential medical products. This is often due to challenging terrain and gaps in infrastructure.

Because of this, over 2.9 million children under age five die every year. And up to 150,000 pregnancy-related deaths could be avoided each year if mothers had reliable access to safe blood.

Zip is a small robot airplane designed for a high level of safety, using many of the same approaches as commercial airliners.

It can carry vaccines, medicine, or blood. A fleet of Zips is able to provide for a population of millions. No roads, no problem.

France is one step closer to banning emails outside office hours.

There's a growing amount of evidence that constantly checking for emails and being on call around the clock is bad for our health (thanks a lot, smartphones).

Authorities in France are so worried about levels of worry that they're proposing a ban on business-related emails outside of office hours.

That means no more emailing your sales report at 3 am in the morning, or even getting back to the head of accounts at a quarter past 6.

This week the French government passed a bill that puts the idea one step closer to becoming law.

Under the proposed guidelines, companies of 50 people or more would have to come up with a charter of good conduct: a set of rules that included specific times in the evenings and at weekends when staff would be banned from sending or receiving emails.

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