TECHNOBYTE for 06 June 2016

Last week I had the opportunity to drive the new BMW 7 Series and check out the technology on board. A few years ago at smartphone conference one of my favourite quotes was from the head of Deutsche Telekom who said that the new smartphone is the car. In 2016 this is clearly evident, smartphone innovation has plateaued - it’s now all happening in the automobile. The new BMW 7 Series epitomises this innovation and this car is packed with technology.

One of the innovations I loved is gesture control - you could user your fingers to control the volume of the radio and answer calls without even having to press a button. But is the safety in the car where the technology stands out. It is packed with sensors. The crash sensor for example immediately recognises when an accident has occurred. It overrides the central locking system, unlocking all the doors, switches on the cabin lights and activates the hazard warning lights to alert other drivers of the situation. The battery is deactivated to avoid a short circuit.

The technology also learns how you drive and adapts accordingly to give you a smoother ride. The back seat has a Samsung tablet built into the armrest so you can control features like aircon, lighting and seat control by the passengers. The BMW display key which looks like a mini phone is so advanced that you can park the car using your remote and even set your car temperature before get into the car remotely.

Luxury has not been compromised inside the car. Featuring the best leather finished and a classy aluminium trim makes the car classy and incredibly comfortable.

Facebook cofounder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg understandably has accounts on other social networks – it only makes sense to keep up with what the competition is up to. But that doesn’t mean he bothers to maintain standard security practices on non-Facebook properties. This weekend, his Twitter and Pinterest accounts were hacked.

This is the best reminder yet that if you have a LinkedIn account, you should go ahead and change your password there, and everywhere else. In fact, you should make it a habit to regularly change your passwords on all your online accounts. And if that is too much of a pain, at the very least make a habit of using different passwords.

Olympic athletes will sport Visa's new payment ring in Rio to make payments. The unnamed band is pretty simple in design. The interior contains a secure microchip from Gemalto and an embedded antenna; the exterior is simply a black or white ceramic loop. The addition of any kind of decorative metal or dye would interfere with the antenna. The ring was designed not only to be inconspicuous, but also be water resistant to 50 meters and never need charging. Instead, the ring draws a tiny bit of power from the payment terminal, just enough to enable the transaction.


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