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#Brexit: Most Brits are celebrating victory today

24 June 2016 3:38 PM
EWN correspondent, Peter Anderson, says most UK citizens are celebrating what they believe is a great success for the UK.

EWN correspondent, Peter Anderson, says there is a celebratory mood in the United Kingdom regardless of the 'economic shock', following the Britain’s decision to leave the EU.

Here in the UK, I think it's a selective celebration, a choice made by the public. I think things are left for tomorrow. Today it's a champagne moment. Tomorrow some people may have to deal with the hangover, and how this will play-off over the next coming weeks.

Peter Anderson, EWN correspondent

Anderson says this will not be the last referendum in the UK. European leaders will come together to discuss way forward next Wednesday.

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Minister of Trade and Industry Rob Davies, says Britain's decision will have an impact on the South African economy. He says UK is the 8th trading partner of South Africa.

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24 June 2016 3:38 PM