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Afternoon Drive with Joanne Joseph
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You can now send WhatsApp messages from your PC

26 January 2015 2:00 PM

With 600 million users globally, the option to stay in touch via WhatsApp when at your PC should be a good one, now you can.

The is little doubt that WhatsApp has proved to be a very popular way for mobile users to communicate at very low costs. Over time the service has allowed for the sharing of pictures, links and videos.

It works on almost every phone and with 600 million users you are very likely to find everyone you know using it.

But you must use your phone. Desktop users had been looking forward to a time when they could manage and send WhatsApp message from their PC's and last week that became possible.

Once you have updated the phone app to the latest WhatsApp version you will find a camera option under settings. Visit and take a picture of the QR code on screen.

For now you can only run the software via Google Chrome.

Keep track of the data use if you are not connecting via WiFi as the app will be sending a lot more data when the desktop app is running.

26 January 2015 2:00 PM