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Teen's mom pleads for her daughter's release from Malaysian prison

11 July 2016 11:52 AM
Daughter was tricked into trafficking drugs to Malaysia but was caught at the airport, says her mom Phemelo.

702/CapeTalk's Redi Tlhabi received an emotional call from Phemelo who fell pregnant at 16. She says as a young mother, she struggled to raise her daughter. Now her teenager is imprisoned in Malaysia for drug trafficking.

Phemelo explained how her daughter fell in love with a Nigerian man who then tricked her into transporting drugs to Malaysia. Its now 3 years and Phemelo's daughter is still in prison and receiving no help whatsoever.

Phemelo is pleading for help to get her daughter back, and have the man responsible for her daughters drug trafficking activity to be handed over to Malaysian authorities.

I really need the government to bring back these girls here, I don't mind having her serve her sentence in South Africa where i can go touch her, hug her and give her support. She is loosing her sight because I don't know whats going on there ...

Phemelo, Caller

Listen to the full conversation below:

11 July 2016 11:52 AM