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EAAB tackles transformation, Vicky Momberg and Penny Sparrow debacle

14 July 2016 5:33 AM
The EAAB came under the spotlight this year for two racist rants by estate agents Penny Sparrow and Vicky Momberg.

Bryan Chaplog, CEO of the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) says the organisation has over the last five years changed the racial demographic of it's members in the property industry.

Figures showed that 17% of the 37 000 members in the industry happened to be black, however Chaplog says those numbers have changed.

In 2012 then Minister Tokyo Sexwale together with the EAAB asked 10 000 firms to take one youth into their business... one estate agency, one learner and the industry did buy into it.

Bryan Chaplog

The youth figures are now more representative of the demographic.

He encouraged the youth interested in getting into the industry to go to the website and complete the online CV. You only need a matric qualification.

Penny Sparrow, he said, was not an estate agent at the time her controversial comments were made. Momberg is expected in court on Thursday.

To hear what he told John Robbie about Penny Sparrow and Vicky Momberg racist slurs and the action taken against them, listen here.

14 July 2016 5:33 AM