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Manhandling anti-rape protesters condones gender-based violence - civil group

8 August 2016 1:53 PM

Sonke Gender Justice slammed security officials for manhandling four silent female protesters during President Zuma’s speech.

South Africa should salute the four silent protesters for having the courage to remind the country about President Jacob Zuma's controversial 2006 rape trial, says advocacy group Sonke Gender Justice.

Sonke Gender Justice's Bafana Khumalo, says the women delivered a powerful statement through their silent anti-rape protest during Zuma's address on the election results.

The group held up placards reading, "I am one in three", "Khanga", "RememberKhwezi" during Zuma’s speech on Saturday night.

According to Khumalo, there was no physical threat that would warrant presidential bodyguards manhandling the women.

He says their violent removal from the briefing legitimises gender-based violence for young men, during Women's Month no less.

He says the forceful response of security officials illustrates how police brutality such as the Marikana Massacre escalates in the country.

We seem to have police who are heavy-handed when responding to genuine issues raised by communities. That was uncalled for.

Bafana Khumalo, Director for Strategic Partnership at Sonke Gender Justice

Listen to the full conversation from The Midday Report with Stephen Grootes:

WATCH: Anti-rape protesters removed from IEC briefing

8 August 2016 1:53 PM


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Union Buildings

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edit - file pic of zuma in Parly - eNCA.jpg

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