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Improved asthma pill set to ease symptoms for chronic patients

9 August 2016 1:52 PM

New oral medication that reduces troublesome symptoms is pegged to become a game-changer for the future treatment of asthma.

An improved asthma pill developed by UK scientists is expected to drastically reduce the troublesome symptoms faced by patients.

Studies report that the new drug, Fevipiprant, can reduce severe asthma attacks and lung inflammation or infection.

The National Asthma Education Programme (NAEP) says it welcomes and medical advances that could help improve treatment.

NAEP's Professor Refiloe Masekela explains that there are a number of drugs that have been made available for asthmatics in the past six years.

There are oral tablets which have been used which can improve patients' symptoms and have made a huge difference in terms of children.

Prof Refiloe Masekela, NAEP executive commitee member

She says more recent medical breakthroughs in the field have helped treat adults and children over the ages of 12 with severe cases of asthma through oral medication.

The use of the oral tablets, in addition to inhalers, has helped elderly patients and other vulnerable groups to self-medicate, Masekela explains.

According to Masekela, asthma-related mortality should be avoided in South African in light of improved access and treatment.

Listen to the full conversation from The Midday Report with Stephen Grootes:

9 August 2016 1:52 PM

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