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Suicide survivor Daryl Brown breaking the stigma around mental illness

20 August 2016 7:24 AM

Daryl Brown lost his legs in a failed suicide attempt at a London Underground Station, and has now returned to SA to help others.

Suicide survivor and member of the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (Sadag), Daryl Brown is sharing his story of courage to help others struggling with mental health carry on.

Daryl survived a suicide attempt and is now a motivational speaker, raising awareness about depression and breaking the stigma associated with mental illness.

A speaker at the Lead SA Changemakers Conference, Daryl has opened up about his turning point and recounts the story of when he took the drastic decision to end his life.

He lost his legs when he stepped in front of a train at a London Tube Station in 2013.

After seeking psychological help, Daryl realised that he is not alone when coping with his depression or disability.

He wants spread the message that mental health can be managed and that there is support available for those who need it.

The conference aims to inspire active citizenry in the country through a stellar forum of keynote speakers, and will be held on the 20th August at Century City Conference Centre from 9am- 1pm.

Listen to the full conversation from Weekend Breakfast with Africa and Sam:

20 August 2016 7:24 AM