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Saki Macozoma (Business Leadership SA) explains his open letter to Jacob Zuma

25 August 2016 4:13 PM
“Our country stands once more on the edge of the abyss,” says Macozoma. “The President must do something urgently…”

The President should take leadership in this matter...

Saki Macozoma, Business Leadership South Africa

Our country stands, once more, at the edge of the abyss... We can’t be playing games with this portfolio!

Saki Macozoma, Business Leadership South Africa

Business Leadership South Africa President Saki Macozoma has written an open letter to President Jacob Zuma.

In the letter Maconzoma says that South Africa has made progress over the last 18 months to stave off a ratings downgrade to junk status.

He warns that all that work stands to be undermined if the spat between the Hawks and the Finance Minister continues.

He says the president needs to do something urgently.

Business Leadership South Africa says the Hawks’ investigation of Gordhan lacks legitimacy or credibility. If there is to be an investigation into the issue, it says, it should be conducted by a credible institution such as the Public Protector.

Click here for the entire open letter.

The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviewed Macozoma, who discussed his open letter and the issues it addresses.

Listen to the interview below.

Watch Pravin Gordhan confirm that he will not present himself to the Hawks:

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Article brought to us by Old Mutual.

25 August 2016 4:13 PM