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Minister of Public Enterprises says she told Eskom to cooperate with Treasury

30 August 2016 12:06 PM

Minister Lynne Brown says she asked Eskom to release the 172-page document to Treasury.

The Finance Ministry has accused Eskom of failing to comply with requests for information about its coal contract with the Gupta-owned mining company Tegeta Resources.

Minister of Public Enterprises, Lynne Brown now says she has told Eskom to cooperate with Treasury.

EWN's Gia Niccolaides reports that in her interview earlier today with Euseubius McKaizer, Brown went into great detail about how she is not really involved in operations at Eskom and deals are done by the CEO and the Board. Brown said she has complete faith in Eskom CEO Brian Molefe to lead the company.

Eskom told Brown that they followed the same procedure with Tegeta as with other coal mines. She does not doubt this, unless the investigation proves that either money was paid in advance, or that the coal quality was sub standard.

Brown said as a shareholder representative, she does not have knowledge of operational matters and this Tegeta issue remains between treasury and Eskom.

She claims she stepped back from the investigation because only one State department should investigate Eskom at a time, and Treasury was doing so.

Niccolaides says Brown did not seem too concerned about any wrongdoing at this stage, and inisted all can be resolved between herself and Treasury and should not be done through the media.

Brown does not want Eskom to be downgraded in the future because of a spat in the media, reports Niccolaides.

What I am saying is that I have asked Eskom today, to release the 172 page document, to Treasury... so that we could put this matter to bed.

Lynne Brown, Minister Public Enterprises

Listen to the interview with EWN's Gia Niccolaides below:

Listen to Euseubius McKaizer's full interview with Minister Lynne Brown:

30 August 2016 12:06 PM