Technobyte: Elon Musk concerned AI will destroy humanity

Elon Musk is worried that Artificial (AI) will destroy humanity. So he's decided to donate $10 million toward research into how we can keep artificial intelligence safe.

Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has previously expressed concern that something like what happened in The Terminator could happen in real life.

He's also said that AI is "potentially more dangerous than nukes." The purpose of this donation is to both prevent that from happening and to ensure that AI is used for good and to benefit humanity.

Remember those retro boards at airports that flipped through numbers and letters alerting you to flight delays and arrivals?

Connect one of those systems to a wireless network and your social media accounts, and you get Flapit. It is the first available physical counter connected to all the major social media platforms.

Flapit can be placed anywhere: in your store window, on display at your agency, or on the wall of your restaurant or hotel, you name it. Easy to use and fun to watch, Flapit is a powerful, interactive marketing tool for corporations and small businesses.

This week I have been testing the Fritzbox 7490 modem router.

So how is this router different from other out there?

Well the Fritzbox delivers great performance on ADSL line speed. It managed to get an extra 1.5Mbps out of my 10Mbps line.

The router is packed with features like remote login, has USB 3.0 support and can be used for VDSL or ADSL.

You can enjoy lightning-fast connectivity and make progress bars a thing of the past. You can also connect all your phones to the FRITZ!Box 7490 and stay informed of calls and voice messages, even when you’re not at home.

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Technobyte:  Facebook privacy scare a hoax

Technobyte: Facebook privacy scare a hoax

On Technobyte this week we debunk the Facebook hoax, we review the new iPhone 7 and we talk about Zagg’s universal keyboard.

Technobyte: It's all about robots

Technobyte: It's all about robots

On Technobyte we look ahead to AfrikaBot 2016, a talk show host interviews a robot and how smartphones are evolving to make AI better.

Technobyte: First computer generated pop song

Technobyte: First computer generated pop song

This week, a song written by Artificial Intelligence, saving the rhinos goes hi-tech and the new iPhone 7 arrives on 14th October.

TECHNOBYE: Snapchat, Google and Twitter all making changes

TECHNOBYE: Snapchat, Google and Twitter all making changes

Twitter may be sold soon, Google announces a cool messaging app and Snapchat introduce glasses with built in video cameras

TECHNOBYTE for 19 September 2014

On Technobyte today we Intel focuses on the Internet of Things, apples launches new iPhones and new movie services available in South Africa.

TECHNOBYTE for 05 September 2014

On Technobyte we look at all the new releases announced at the IFA show in Berlin and what has Apple in store for consumers next week.