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Confrontation erupts between Wits students and private security

10 October 2016 12:03 PM

As EWN Reporter Clement Manyathela was explaining situation at Wits, sounds of stun grenades could be heard in the background.

Over the weekend the Wits university council decided that classes should resume, saying it is crucial to complete the academic year.

EWN reporter Clement Manyathela says there's been confrontation between protesting students and the private security. He says the students are demanding access to the Great Hall which they've been banned from entering.

According to Manyathela, protesting students started pelting stones at the private security saying they should move refrain from blocking the entrance to the Great Hall.

The students are saying they don't want to be limited in terms of where to go or where to meet ... they want to enter the Great Hall so that they can have a meeting.

Clement Manyathela, EWN reporter

Manyathela says there is a heavy police presence at Wits but they haven not reacted to any student action. They did arrest two students today who were carrying sticks and threatening those in classes.

A confrontation between students and police broke out as Manyathela was reporting on the situation. Stun grenades could be heard going off in the background.

Listen to the full conversation below:

10 October 2016 12:03 PM