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What sort of connection do South Africans have with celebs?

20 October 2016 11:18 AM
Celebrities find themselves having to give up certain aspects of their lives due to their lives being under a microscope.

People who are fascinated by the lives of celebrities often follow every detail of a their lives, living vicariously through them.

Freebies, media appearances and promotion deals are part of the package. And so is a bit of controversy to remind us that they are regular people like us...

While it may look pretty from the outside, celebrities have to make peace with their privacy being invaded and their time being demanded by adoring fans in exchange for their continued relevance in the industry.

Basetsana Kumalo, Khanyi Mbau and Victor Dlamini opened up to 702/Cape Talk's Eusebius McKaiser (standing in for Redi Tlhabi) about how best to manage the pros and cons of celebville.

Fame and fortune don't always go together in South Africa ... We know that you can appear on SABC every day and still be struggling.

Victor Dlamini, photographer

The public thinks you owe them everything: who you date, why did you break up with them, why do you have money, you do not have money.

Khanyi Mbau, celebrity

Kumalo, who is also a former Miss South Africa (1994), said that she considers herself more of a public figure than a celebrity. She said that she doesn't believe in living parallel lives as it often compromises her authenticity.

People generally gravitate to people who they connect with or people who inspire them.

Basetsana Kumalo, businesswoman

Listen to the clip below:

20 October 2016 11:18 AM