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6 tips on how to tactfully navigate office gossip

20 October 2016 11:49 AM

Office gossip can be innocent, but can also end in cringeworthy moments. Here's some advice on how to steer clear of awkwardness.

Office gossip is all fun and games, until you get bust by the boss for "skinnering" or become the subject of a scandal yourself.

Often referred to as "water cooler talk", co-workers can engage in casual chats and office news which may sometimes lead to revealing tidbits or tensions involving colleagues.

Presenter Eusebius Mckaiser advises that there's an artful skill to office gossip and says people must choose their office buddies carefully.

Callers shared their experiences and tips about how to work around office gossip awkwardness:

1. don't repeat what you hear from others (Ethel)

2. check that the coast is clear (Brett)

Caller Brett says he ended up venting to a colleague in the bathroom, not realising that the subject of the gossip was in the toilet cubicle.

3. leave no traces of evidence

4. rather say it to someone's face (Mbali)

Caller Mbali says she had to log on to a co-workers computer and found an e-mail conversation discussing her behind her back.

I did tell her that she is snake, because I never expected it from her. I'm glad I found out because now I know who to trust

Mbali, caller

5. confront co-workers and nip the rumor/gossip in the bud

Caller Denise says she put colleagues in line after they had been talking badly about her make-up routine

6. be extra careful when forwarding messages

Caller Clement says he once sent a text about his boss to his boss, instead of his colleague.

I was SMSing a colleague of mine in disbelief... and that SMS went straight to my boss. The next day I had to call in sick.

Clement, caller

Listen to the juicy spills callers shared below:

20 October 2016 11:49 AM