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Easy ways to start chilling out

25 October 2016 11:42 AM

Stress and tension affects everyone. Although we can't wish it away, we can learn how to tackle it, says psychologist Dr. Schomer.

There's no running away from stress. But there are ways in which you can help yourself relax more fully.

Behavioural psychologist Dr. Helgo Schomer advises that tense energy can lead to restlessness and the feeling of being overwhelmed.

To deal with this, tense energy can can be countered by proactively creating calm energy to help relax the mind and body.

The idea is that this makes the fullness of the brains capacity available for the task before you.

Dr Helgo Schomer, behavioural psychologist

According to Dr. Schomer, when people are tense they exhibit the following physical signs:

  • shoulders hunched forward
  • stiff neck
  • irregular breathing
  • headaches

Schomer explains that calm energy helps the brain process everything better.

He advised that the following are some ways to harness calm energy:

  • physical exercise
  • relieving water activities (such as surfing)
  • body relaxation techniques (such as autogenic training)
  • disconnecting from digital space

Dr. Schomer unpacked several exercises that are designed to help reverse the physiological effects of stress and tension.

Listen to all Dr. Schomer's expert advice below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Easy ways to start chilling out

25 October 2016 11:42 AM