Cold front expected in Cape Town, cool and wet weekend for Gauteng

Weatherman Simon Gear looks at the forecast for rain expected in Gauteng and the Cape.

There should be a reluctance from any meteorologist to call Spring on September 1 in South Africa. We know only too well that there is always another cold front waiting in the wings and that front is due to arrive in Cape Town this evening.

The forecast is for drizzle to begin to fall around evening rush hour in Cape Town on Thursday. The rain will strengthen as the fronts roll in from the Atlantic and Friday should dawn dark and grey and cold and wet. The rain is expected to spread along the southern Cape Coast and may even result in heavy snow in the southern Drakensberg and on the aptly named Sneeuberge come Saturday.

Until then, the south western Cape can expect strong winds, rough seas along the Agulhas coast and the distinct possibility of heavy rain and flooding across the Metropole, the Winelands and the Overberg. Once the front has passed, the rest of the weekend should be drier, if not a little chilly.

As the front moves eastward, so even the interior should begin to feel the effects, with Gauteng forecasting a cooler, wetter weekend. Rain should roll in on Saturday, with even more due on Sunday. These passing showers should benefit the Western Cape significantly but are unlikely to be enough to materially impact on the low dam levels across the interior.

For the current water crisis across the eastern half of South Africa to be alleviated, we will need to continue to look ahead to a hopefully reasonable summer season, made wetter by the easing of the El Nino signal that dominated last year’s pattern.

Listen SA Weather Service predicts rain this weekend in Gauteng and parts of Eastern Cape

By Simon Gear