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Yet another analyst agrees; Naspers is one heck of a great investment right now

23 March 2015 7:59 PM

First Avenue Investment Management analyst Nadim Mohamed is the latest in a string of experts to sing Naspers’ praises.

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Every week on a Monday we invite an investment analyst to The Money Show to pick three shares she or he believes are amongst the best investments on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

This week First Avenue Investment Management’s Nadim Mohamed picked Vodacom, Metrofile and – surprise, surprise – Naspers.

This is the third time in little over a week that an analyst has come on air and suggested to listeners to look into investing in Naspers, South Africa’s largest media group.

We love Naspers because of it’s exposure to Tencent. Through Naspers you’re getting Tencent at a discount.

We think Naspers' fair value is R2400.

Nadim Mohamed

Naspers is currently trading around R1800 per share.

Listen to the audio below for more detail from Mohamed on why you should buy Vodacom, Metrofile and Naspers (and read the related articles in which other analysts concur on Naspers).

23 March 2015 7:59 PM

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