Nelson Mandela Foundation statement blames everything on Zuma - analyst

The Nelson Mandela Foundation on Tuesday released a statement entitled “Time to account for crippling the state”. (See full statement below)

The statement was released ahead of a court hearing where President Zuma's lawyer is attempting to halt the release of the state capture report.

Political Analyst Sipho Seepe says the statement released by the Nelson Mandela Foundation bundles too many things together.

He says it first identifies the scapegoat and culprit to South Africa's problems - referring to president Jacob Zuma.

Secondly he says it talks about other factors that are not related to Jacob Zuma, which he finds problematic.

The challenges that we facing in higher education cannot be reduced to one person.

Sipho Seepe, Political analyst

Seepe says the problem with conflating all unrelated problems on one individual, gives an impression that if you remove that person all the problem will be solved, which is not true.

He says that is non-intellectual and smacks of laziness and doesn't show an appreciation of the complexities that arise from failing systems.

Listen to Seepe talking about the Nelson Mandela Foundation Statement:

Read the full Nelson Mandela Foundation statement below:

South African citizens across the land are speaking out and taking action to express their dissatisfaction. The Nelson Mandela Foundation supports the demand to hold to account those responsible for compromising our democratic state and looting its resources.

Twenty years since Nelson Mandela signed South Africa’s Constitution into law and as the third anniversary of his passing approaches‚ it is painful for us at the Nelson Mandela Foundation to bear witness to the wheels coming off the vehicle of our state.

We have seen a weakening of critical institutions such as the South African Revenue Service‚ the National Prosecuting Authority and law enforcement bodies due to political meddling for private interests.

We are reaping the results of a political trend of personalising matters of state around a single individual leader. This in a constitutional democracy is to be deplored.

The ability and commitment of the Head of State to be a ‘constitutional being’‚ is one of the wheels of our state. The unanimous judgment of the Constitutional Court of the Republic in the matter of President Zuma and the use of state resources on a private residence was one such test. It is increasingly a national consensus that he has failed the test.

As this particular wheel rolls away‚ other critical institutions of state break off to follow it. The legislative‚ business‚ and public service sectors of the country are severely affected‚ compromising the ability of the state to serve the people. A battle now rages to keep SARS attached to the vehicle of state. What public discourse has described as ‘state capture’ by private and political interests is‚ we believe‚ a real threat to the Republic.

Another wheel is an accessible and well-functioning education system. Arguably this wheel has never been fully attached‚ but the failures of the last two decades threaten that it rolls away. Schools‚ in our view‚ particularly those in townships and rural areas‚ have largely been captured to political interests and have deteriorated to unimaginable levels. And now universities are being brought to their knees as they lurch from crisis to crisis while a semblance of normality is enforced under what are effectively states of emergency. This is not sustainable for any education system. The potential collapse of universities will damage our democracy to its core.

We call on the governing party to take the steps necessary to ensure that the vehicle of state be protected and placed in safe and capable hands. And we join the call for a national convention of stakeholders to begin to re-imagine South Africa’s future beyond the unsustainable stresses of the moment.

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