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Local Cape poet wins prestigious award again

4 November 2016 3:04 PM
First person to win the Sol Plaatje poetry award twice in a row, Athol Williams, says his poetry is fuelled by social justice.

Athol Williams scholar, strategy advisor and entrepreneur is a man with an unquenchable thirst to learn and with an uncanny knack for reinvention.

Athol Williams not only holds five master’s degrees from universities such from Harvard, MIT, WITS and the London School of Economics and Political Science but he is an award-winning poet and founder of youth literacy NGO.

Not that status is only important to him – at the height of his successful international business career, he decided (at the age of 40) to sells his Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Jaguar and other luxury cars so that he can pursue his mission to use education to enable and inspire others to thrive.

He has just launched his autobiography ‘Pushing Boulders’ and recently won the prestigious Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Award for the second time in a row - the only person to do so.

I've been blown away by the resurgence of poetry in the country.

Athol Williams, award winning oet

Social justice is the focus of my poetry. That's what fuels my poetry.

Athol Williams, award winning poet

CapeTalk's Kieno Kammies spoke to him about his illustrious and inspiring career. Listen below:

4 November 2016 3:04 PM