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Afternoon Drive with Joanne Joseph
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Heated discussion on racism after whites stuff black man into coffin

16 November 2016 4:20 PM

Emotions ran high on Afternoon Drive after a caller said race should not be mentioned on #CoffinAssault story.

It all started with a caller questioning why Xolani Gwala put an emphasis on race when telling a story of two white men who forced a black man into a coffin and threatened to set him alight.

All you had to say was that two men have been arrested for locking someone into a coffin, not two white men.

Caller from Killarney

Xolani explained to the caller why race is important in this case.

Race is important because it is at the centre of the act. The issue is that these two white men would not have done what they did if the victim had not been black. They were doing it simple because they were doing it to a black man.

Xolani Gwala, Afternoon Drive host

Other listeners phoned in to condemn the violence and racism shown by the two white men in the video.

It is a disgusting thing that happened. And no white person in this country can justify anything relating to this case.


These guys should be locked up until they die. How do we move forward with things like this happening. What must black people feel about white people when this is happening.


Listen below as a woman talks about the importance of whites standing up and condemning these actions. 'It makes a lot of difference when white people call each other to account on racism'

16 November 2016 4:20 PM