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5-year-old US boy dies in Santa's arms after fight with cancer

13 December 2016 9:02 AM

The little boy fulfilled his last wish to meet Santa Claus before dying in his arms.

A 5-year-old boy suffering from cancer died in Santa's arms after fulfilling his only wish to see him before his death.

After telling the volunteer Santa that he's dying and asking how he knows where he's going, Santa called him his "favourite elf."

He wrapped his arms around him and he died in his arms before he could say anything.

Harley Carnes, US correspondent

702's Africa Melane spoke to US correspondent, Harley Carnes, about the touching story. Carnes starts his interview talking about Russian hackers who hacked into Hilary Clinton's emails as well as Trump's criticism of the cost of fighter jets. The tragic story of the boy starts at 03:23 minutes into this audio clip.

Listen to the clip below:

13 December 2016 9:02 AM