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Possible military intervention as Gambia's Jammeh refuses to budge

22 December 2016 9:27 AM
Military intervention is suspected as ECOWAS countries continue pleading with Jammeh to accept his loss at the 2016 polls.

The ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) might consider using military means to intervene in Gambia as Yahya Jammeh refuses to step down.

Jammeh had initially conceded defeat at the 2016 elections which took place in earlier this month, but an about turn decision saw security officers storm the electoral offices after he said he wouldn't vacate the position.

702's Bruce Whitfield spoke to Southern African editor of the Africa Report, Crystal Orderson, about developing stories across the continent.

He's refusing to step down, he says he won't be intimidated and nobody can deprive him of his victory except Allah.

Crystal Orderson, Africa Report

Listen to the interview below:

22 December 2016 9:27 AM