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Private security firm that responded to FNB robbery, saw nothing untoward

23 December 2016 11:31 AM

The bank has not disclosed the value of the safety deposit boxes that were stolen during the heist.

The theft of an undisclosed amount of safety deposit boxes from First National Bank's Randburg branch over the weekend has been described as a sophisticated operation.

According to CEO Lee-Anne van Zyl, the intruders gained access to the branch's main door and safety security boxes.

A security company was alerted to the incident but nothing unusual was identified while they patrolled the area, she said. The one security guard on duty at the time was held up.

We had a robbery and a break-in at our branch. They got into the branch and got access to the safe deposit boxes.

Lee-Anne van Zyl, FNB CEO

Reluctant to share details about the value of the stolen goods, she said investigations are currently underway to ensure that the culprits are apprehended.

There definitely was an alarm that was raised. The private security company did come out and nothing was identified.

Lee-Anne van Zyl, FNB CEO

Irate customers have expressed dissatisfaction at how the robbery was communicated by the bank to those who have had their deposit boxes stolen, many containing family heirlooms.

Listen to the interview below:

23 December 2016 11:31 AM