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How to set up your small business for success this year

11 January 2017 11:52 AM
Are you an entrepreneur who ended last year in a state of despair? Here's how pick to yourself up and make your small biz fly.

Does your small business need to be rescued after a rough year?

Business coach and motivational speaker Dawn Klatzko has just the advice for you.

She says now is the time to review and reset before building your business up.

Ask yourself what went wrong last year and check on your business ambitions and expectations for the year, advises Klatzko.

She says that there are several areas that business owners need to reflect on, including:

  • a state of fatigue:

Fatigue is often caused by doing too much. Entrepreneurs should reflect on their vision and business model and potentially refine your strategy, delegate or spread the load.

  • boredom (or expertise):

When entrepreneurs become efficient and really good at what they do, things tend to become monotonous. Klatzko suggests that you explore training down, consider a succession plan and learn a new kill.

Do something that can grow the business and stretch your own margins.

Dawn Klatzko, business coach and motivational speaker

Klatzko offers tips on how to fire up your enthusiasm again and re-design or re-invent for the year ahead:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : How to set up your small business for success this year

11 January 2017 11:52 AM