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Rondebosch High boys use K-word in freestyle prose

18 January 2017 3:58 PM

Voice notes from Rondebosch Boys' High Whatsapp group have gone viral - with N-word and K-word used during a music session.

CapeTalk's John Maytham received an email containing voice notes from a Grade 11 Rondebosch Boys Whatsapp group. The clips have gone viral with audio of boys using the N-word and K-word during a music session.

There is guitar playing in the background and one boy says 'I feel pain unearthly because I hate Ks.' The another boy says' Whoa dude that's rude', followed by uneasy laughter and words of shock from others in what may be a music rehearsal room.

You then hear a boy laughing and saying 'Im not actually racist guys, I'm not racist bro. I never say that K-word it's so mean.' This after having just said it at least twice during the recording.

Maytham speaks to Rondebosch Boys' High School principal Shaun Simpson about what transpired and what action the school has taken.

Two pupils reported the recording to Simpson and he took immediate action, contacted the Education Department, the Chairperson of the Board of Governors, contacted the boy's parents and inform them there would be a disciplinary hearing.

This statement was hate speech against the school's code of conduct.

Shaun Simpson, Rondebosch Boys' High School principal

Subsequently, the parents of two boys involved have removed them from the school. Simpson says the other boy's parents have decided to let him face the disciplinary process.

Listen to the audio clips and the interview with Principal Simpson below:

18 January 2017 3:58 PM