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Why 1 in 10 women endure painful sex (and keep it a secret)

3 February 2017 12:33 PM

Suffering in silence isn't advisable, says sexologist Dr Eve. Here is what women and their partners should know about sexual pain.

A study shows that 1 out of 10 women endure sexual pain.

Sexual pain is often kept a secret, explains clinical sexologist Dr Eve.

They don't talk to their health care providers or, disturbingly, their own partners about it.

Dr Eve, clinical sexologist

Research found that sexual pain is experienced most by women between 16 and 24 years old and women above 50.

Dr Eve says the reality of first-time sexual encounters is very different from the images which dominate mainstream media.

She advises that many women normalise painful penetration as they have no other reference.

The 16-24 age group is suffering with painful penetration because they believe that painful sex is the norm.

Dr Eve, clinical sexologist

Reasons for staying silent about pain include:

  • shame around sexual pain
  • fear of 'ruining the mood'
  • fear of hurting their partners ego
  • fear of forced sexual violence

Reasons for painful sex are complex and varied. The most common reasons include:

  • sexually transmitted infections (STIs) , such as chlamydia and herpes
  • thrush
  • endometriosis (which causes pelvic inflammation)
  • previous traumatic sexual experiences
  • anxiety
  • lack of lubrication
  • oral contraceptives

She advises that women who experience sexual pain should consult with gynecologist, and a sexual health care provider.

Dr Eve explains the discomfort and fields questions and comments from callers.

Visit Dr Eve's blog to learn more.

Take a listen:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Why 1 in 10 women endure painful sex (and keep it a secret)

3 February 2017 12:33 PM