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Should the elderly re-test for their drivers licence? That's unfair, says AA

2 March 2017 5:32 PM

Automobile Association spokesman Layton Beard says family members should talk to senior citizens about their driving skills.

There's no legal age at which you must stop driving.

However, the driving ability of senior citizens has come into question following an incident where an elderly woman crashed car through restaurant window.

It's reported that the 80-year-old woman apparently confused the accelerator and the brakes on her car and crashed through a window of the Spur restaurant in Jeffrey's Bay on Wednesday.

Her Nissan Sentra ended up halfway through the massive window and into the Spur's play area for children.

Image: Netwerk24.

Automobile Association (AA) spokesperson Layton Beard says it is not right to discriminate against motorists based on their age or other demographics.

Beard says a blanket regulation for all elderly people of a certain age may have damaging consequences.

It's very dangerous to say that people over a specific age may not be allowed to drive legally.

Layton Beard, Automobile Association spokesman

He proposes that elderly people should instead be tested for their eyesight and ensure that they are still capable of driving their vehicle.

Beard has encouraged families of the elderly to have ongoing discussions about their loved ones' driving ability.

A few listeners also called in to share their opinions on the matter.

I'm a 70-year-old driver... and I think I am fine and safe on the road. But I would welcome an independent test that reinforces my belief or proves me wrong.

Ross, caller

I actually got hit by a 93-year-old man when I was loading my vehicle about year and a half ago.

Hugh, caller

Take a listen:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Should the elderly re-test for their drivers licence? That's unfair, says AA

2 March 2017 5:32 PM