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LISTEN:Lindiwe Hani describes the apology from her father's killer, Janusz Walus

10 April 2017 3:50 PM
Lindiwe Hani shares treasured family moments with her father, Chris Hani and what if felt like meeting Clive Derby Lewis.

I had an obsession with Janusz. I wanted to know his motivation for what he did.

Lindiwe Hani, daughter of Chris Hani

When he [Janusz Walus] described killing daddy, it was so hard. I looked him directly in the eye so he could see what he did. I found him to be genuine. He didn't realise what he had done until he lost his own father. I believed his remorse. I don't know how remorseful he is at killing the SACP leader. I don't know if I will forgive him.

Lindiwe Hani, Chris Hani's daughter

Lindiwe Hani's new book, Being Chris Hani's daughter, takes a deeper look at the relationship she shared with her father, her personal battles with addiction and coming face to face with his killers, Janusz Walus and Clive Derby-Lewis.

April 10 marks the 24-year commemoration of the SACP and Umkhonto we Sizwe leader's assassination at the hands of Walus and Derby-Lewis.

I had gone to a few rallies with him [Chris Hani]. I had the sense that people loved him and that he was incredibly special. This was difficult to reconcile with the silly father he was...

Lindiwe Hani, Chris Hani's daughter

Lindiwe described how her "daddy" would take her shopping and was a cause of "irritation" always telling her what to do. She was an "obnoxious" 11-year-old when her father was assassinated in their driveway.

Describing how she was "on her knees" by the time she sought help for her addiction, Lindiwe says she carried 20 years of burden and pain with her.

She talks about how she wished she got to talk to Derby-Lewis alone, and not with his uneasy wife there.

Listen to Lindiwe in her own words describe her road to recovery and the powerful leader who she simply refers to as "daddy"...

10 April 2017 3:50 PM