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The "ghost" that haunts the Huffington Post

20 April 2017 8:36 AM

Independent writer and editor weighs in on how fake news can hurt credible news rooms.

Independent writer and editor, Laura Twiggs, says she it is concerned about how some reputable media companies continue to feed the public news from unverified sources.

This follows an article published by Huffington Post SA which was written by a “Shelley Garland” who Twiggs found does not exist.

She says the article caught her attention when it was cited that Garland has M.Phil as a qualification, which is not a very popular degree.

Twiggs says she discovered that Garland, who is said to be an activist, did not have social media accounts, which is very suspicious.

She went on to do a little bit of digging and found that there is no Shelley Garland.

Twiggs stresses that sources should be verified before their work is published.

Read:**Huffington Post SA doesn't verify identities of bloggers - Editor**

Read also a piece by blogger Tom Eaton titled:“The Huffington Ghost: A New Low For SA Media”

I think what is at stake is a devaluing of credibility.

Laura Twiggs, Independent writer and editor

To hear more of this discussion, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : The "ghost" that haunts the Huffington Post

20 April 2017 8:36 AM