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'Security upgrades at De Zalze Estate were ongoing at time of axe murders'

8 May 2017 1:57 PM

Upgrades to the perimeter fencing were made in 2014 with more renovations made in 2015, security manager Marcia Rossouw testified.

De Zalze Estate security manager Marcia Rossouw says guards received no complaints about any strange or suspicious activities on the night of the Van Breda triple murder.

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Triple murder acccused Henri van Breda is on trial in the Western Cape High Court.

The 22-year-old is accused of killing his parents and older brother and injuring his younger sister at their home outside Stellenbosch in January 2015

Rossouw started working as the security manager at the De Zalze estate in February 2014 and says she had flagged several gaps in the estate security, reports EWN's Shamiela Fisher.

She told the courts that several updates to the perimeter fencing, cameras and other security measures, were in place prior to the van Breda axe murders and continued thereafter.

She says that while they started the upgrades in 2014 - and continued after the attack in 2015 - the upgrades and renovations to security measure at the estate had nothing to do with the van Breda triple axe murder.

Shamiela Fisher, EWN reporter

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Rossouw conceded that it was possible for a hole to be dug at a point in the perimeter fencing, but insists that there were no signs that this had happened.

According to the estate's security report, guards completed their required patrols that night.

Take a listen to the EWN update:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : 'Security upgrades at De Zalze Estate were ongoing at time of axe murders'

8 May 2017 1:57 PM