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SACP Solly Mapaila thanks Julius Malema for warning about pro-Zuma protesters

31 May 2017 4:54 PM

Mapaila is being targetted as the face of anti-Zuma lobby and protesters intimidated his family outside his home.

SACP Solly Mapaila speaks to Redi Tlhabi about a protest outside his home. Tlhabi says she is appalled at what she terms "thuggery". She says whether you are for or against Jacob Zuma, it is unacceptable for protesters to go to someone's private home and intimidate his or her family.

Mapaila has a three-year-old daughter and Tlhabi says this behaviour is outrageous.

Mapaila describes how a group purporting to be from the MK Foundation arrived at his home in a kombi and chanted pro-Zuma slogans and anti-Mapaila cries.

Obviously, this intimidated my family...I recognised two of them who were in MK.

Solly Mapaila, SACP second deputy general secretary

No amount of intimidation will stop us from stopping the wrongs that he (Zuma) is doing....and to fight for good governance in this country.

Solly Mapaila, SACP second deputy general secretary

Mapaila says the protesters encouraged him to rather meet with Zuma and "talk inside", but he says that has never produced any results.

He says it is not only him but many other leaders who are standing against Zuma and those who are looting the State, that are being intimidated.

He thanked EFF's Julius Malema for a warning tweeted a few days earlier. While they are now in different political parties, says Mapaila, they did work together side by side for a long time, and he appreciates the comradely support.

Take a listen to what Solly Mapaila has to say:

31 May 2017 4:54 PM