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Fathers on the realities of being stay-at-home dads

19 June 2017 12:49 PM

More men are opting to stay at home with their kids while their partners work, parenting coach Stephanie Dawson-Cosser explains.

Stay-at-home dads have a positive impact on a child's socialisation and ability to learn, explains family and parenting coach Stephanie Dawson-Cosser.

There are resounding positives... speaking particularly around the long-term bond between dad and children.

Stephanie Dawson-Cosser, family and parenting coach

Dawson-Cosser says stay-at-home dads turn traditional family life on its head.

It appears more men are willingly choosing to stay at home with their kids and be caregivers while their partners go to work.

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According to Dawson-Cosser, careers, household income, family health as well as the quality and cost of childcare are among the factors that influence the decision to become a full-time stay-at-home father.

She advises that couples need to first think about the pros and cons for them as parents, and most importantly for their children.

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Three stay-at-home dads called in to share and reflect on their experiences.

Daniel, a stay-at-home dad and father of four supports his career-orientated partner and says parenting requires team work and time management.

I look after my children. I've got four kids with a black lady and I'm white... I don't know where these gender and racial stereotypes come in.

Daniel, caller and stay-at-home dad

Our kids are so busy...My missus works very hard and works from 6am to 6pm and I travel on the weekends. We back each other up. It takes time management. Things have changed.

Daniel, caller and stay-at-home dad

Sam, a father of two, shared how he decided to be there for his children and take a different direction in terms of his career.

I am a stay-at-home dad too and it's not something I've ever thought twice about... I'm a charted accountant by profession, so is my wife.

Sam, caller and stay-at-home dad

Once we had two kids, we had to make a choice... Seeing her career projection we decided that it was better for me to take more of an active role at home.

Sam, caller and stay-at-home dad

Niel, a first-time father, described how rewarding it is to be involved in his child's life, despite the stigma.

I don't agree with this term "stay-at-home dad", because it is everything but. I think we must re-classify this as more of a family project coordinator cause it's work!

Niel, caller and stay-at-home dad

I love it! There's a stigma that clings to this whole thing that you're not a man if you do this thing... We are the ones who mingle with the mommies, do the projects at school and sit on the steering committees - it's fantastic.

Niel, caller and stay-at-home dad

Dawson-Cosser offered advice on how couples can navigate the complexities and family dynamics involved with stay-at-home parenting.

Take a listen to the engaging conversation:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Fathers on the realities of being stay-at-home dads

19 June 2017 12:49 PM