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Why pedophiles are different from child molesters (Dr Eve explains)

23 June 2017 12:29 PM

Dr Eve distinguishes between pedophilia, pedophilic disorder and child molesters in an insightful and challenging discussion.

Pedophilia can sometimes be misunderstood.

Clinical research into pedophilia is helping clinicians better grasp the concept, explains clinical sexologist Dr Eve.

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Pedophilia is a pattern of erotic attraction that typically begins to manifest in puberty and continues throughout adult life, Dr Eve says.

She advises that males have a greater predisposition to pedophilia.

Individuals experience the erotic attraction towards children under the age of 13, across sex and gender.

For many pedophiles, they are attracted to a certain age and stay stuck on that age.

Dr Eve, clinical sexologist

Dr Eve distinguishes between pedophilia and pedophilic disorder.

She explains that individuals with pedophilia actively resist their erotic attraction, whereas individuals with pedophilic disorder are unable to control their urges.

The big differential between a pedophile and someone who has a pedophilic disorder is that a pedophile is very intent on not acting out sexually.

Dr Eve, clinical sexologist

Pedophile's are aware that they have what's called sexual orientation. They love, they lust and they are sexually attracted to young children, and they know that this is a problem and try very hard not to act on it.

Dr Eve, clinical sexologist

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The clinical sexologist continues to explain that child molesters do not fall in either category, but are opportunistic predators who prey on the vulnerable and are not attracted to children.

Throughout the conversation, Dr Eve made reference to the work of psychologist, clinician and sex researcher Dr James Cantor and answered difficult questions from callers.

Take a listen to the insightful discussion and visit her blog to learn more:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Why pedophiles are different from child molesters (Dr Eve explains)

23 June 2017 12:29 PM