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International Nurses Day, Basson on aborted investigations, Creecy on tenders

12 May 2015 8:47 AM

Round up of the big talkers out of 702's John Robbie Show and Cape Talk's Breakfast with Kieno Kammies

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Celebrating our nurses on International Nurses Day

Heard on Cape Talk's Breakfast with Kieno Kammies: in honour of Florence Nightingale - the founder of modern nursing - May the 12th is marked globally as a International Nursing Day, as it coincides with Nightingale's birthday South Africa has some of the best skilled nurses in the world who are often pushed out of the local market and public sector due to various constraints with regards to working conditions and resources. Kieno Kammies caught up with Nomfundo November - an inspirational Surgical Nurse at the Netcare Christiaan Barnard Hospital in Cape Town; a woman who started off working as a domestic worker before going to nursing school:

I think I was born to be a nurse, because even when I was at school, I always knew I wanted to be a nurse. But I first started off working as a domestic worker for 10 years, but my dream was to become a nurse. At Netcare, they also have a health education school for nursing. I started studying in 2005 and then was employed at Netcare Christiaan Barnard in 2007. I like being in the surgical ward because you see the patient at their worst when they aren't well and at their best when they are recovering.

'It is a very bad precedent' - Beeld's Basson on aborted govt commissions

Image: EWN

Heard on 702's John Robbie Show: the past few months have seen a number of investigative commissions interrupted before completing looking into holders of powerful positions in government. Beeld Editor, Adriaan Basson gives an overview of what the implication of aborting some of these commissions could mean for South Africa's key institutions:

I think this is a very, very bad precedent. Just in the past month, we've seen these so-called 'Golden Handshakes' being concluded between President Zuma and the head of The Hawks, Anwa Dramat; two very senior Sars officials Ivan Pillay and Peter Richer; and now, very possibly, Mxolisi Nxasana, the National Director of Public Prosecutions. And these are all supposedly people that have done their jobs and have stepped on very sensitive political toes in the process and were then either disciplined, suspended, or set up to face an inquiry and are now being paid literally to keep quiet. I think that President Zuma has always tried to appoint people very close and loyal to him since his ascension to office in 2009. There's still the charges from the Schabir Shaik trial that could still reinstated and it's up to the NPA to decide whether to reinstate these charges and Nxasana has shown to be very independent-minded.

'Transparency is doable' - MEC Creecy after awarding R96 mil. Cedar tender


Heard on 702's John Robbie Show: Gauteng Finance MEC Barbara Creecy has expressed her commitment to keeping the tendering process as transparent as possible through the R96 million Cedar Road project. The MEC and the Department of Transport launched the Cedar Road and Banking tender projects last year. The Cedar Road has been complete with Power Construction winning the tender in an open tender bidding process:

It was an interesting process, you'll recall we made a commitment to run it as an open tender through publicising all of the bids and then having an independent audit of the evaluation process, followed by an adjudication process that was open to the public, the bidders and the media. I went to that process, it was on the 1st of April with all the adjudicators, who made recommendations to the Head of Department. The key thing we learnt is that it is very doable to be transparent and I will make sure the 702 team will come during the open adjudication of the provincial banking tender. Every four years, the Province puts out a banking tender for all of its business.

12 May 2015 8:47 AM