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Operation Fiela under fire for allegedly targeting foreign nationals

14 May 2015 2:20 PM

The joint operation has been criticised for the targeting and alleged unlawful arrest of foreign nationals in recent raids.

Government's recently formed inter-departmental crime eradication task team ‘Operation Fiela’ is currently facing public scrutiny for the naming of the operation and following allegations by the Lawyers for Human Rights (LHR) that the operation’s recent raids have unlawfully targeted foreign nationals.

Claims of targeting non-nationals

CapeTalk and 702's Redi Tlhabi spoke to Wayne Ncube, co-coordinator for the LHR’s immigration and detention monitoring unit.

Access to legal representation is a clear Constitutional right. But, this phenomena of denying immigration detainees access to legal representatives, and even to their own families, is something that we have noticed for a number of years now. It seems as though the police and the Department of Home Affairs set a different stand for the right's that immigration detainees have over other detainees.

Ncube says after the initial arrests, which they deem unlawful, individuals with South African identity documents were released. He says that the the operation, which is joined by immigration officials, makes it very clear that they are targeting foreign nationals.

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The Head of LHR's Strategic Litigation Programme, David Cote, spoke to 702’s John Robbie:

On Friday morning, we heard about the operation and we attempted to speak to detainees but we were refused access and so we got a court order which would allow us access, but they still ignored that court order. We were (subsequently) able to speak to some of the detainees that were at a particular camp and we found that there were more asylum seekers amongst these immigrants. We need to see what the basis is for these raids and, unfortunately, we've seen foreign nationals being targeted in these matters.

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Our listeners share their views with Redi Tlhabi

Listen to the full conversation on the Redi Tlhabi Show:

Also listen: JMPD Spokesperson Wayne Minaar speaks to Sam Cowen about the operation in the City Of Johannesburg.

14 May 2015 2:20 PM