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Learn from Julius Malema and Chad le Clos (and others) how to be a better leader

25 May 2015 8:09 PM
We spoke to famed leadership coach Adriaan Groenewald about his book “Seamless Leadership” and how to become a great leader.

Leadership coach and author of “Seamless Leadership” Adriaan Groenewald knows a thing or three about what makes for a good leader.

Groenewald has, since the dawn of our democracy, wrote about and interviewed numerous leaders in business, politics, popular culture and sports.

What makes for a seamless leader?

In “Seamless Leadership” Groenewald combines theory and practice in matters such as making choices, igniting passion, changing attitudes, enhancing performance, increasing motivation, having brave conversations and leading in difficult times or sensitive situations.

Groenewald compliments each short chapter with an “interview section” which shares what he learned from chats with people such as Jacob Zuma, Helen Zille, Julius Malema, Heyneke Meyer and many others.

Some of those interviewed

  • Mark Cutifani (Anglo American)

  • Gareth Cliff

  • Dr Iqbal Survé

  • Adrian Gore (Discovery)

  • Terry Volkwyn (CEO - Primedia Broadcasting)

  • President Jacob Zuma

  • Helen Zille

  • Gary Kirsten

  • Sizwe Nxasana (Outgoing CEO – First Rand)

  • Brian Dames (Former CEO of Eskom)

  • Sipho Nkosi (President – Chamber of Mines)

  • Chris Griffith (CEO – Anglo American Platinum)

  • Victor Matfield

  • Heyneke Meyer

  • Gill Marcus

  • Michael Jordaan

  • Herman Mashaba

  • Chad le Clos

  • Zwelinzima Vavi

  • Ian Donald

  • Raymond Ackerman

  • Julius Malema

Listen to the audio (scroll down) for more detail.

I define 'seamless leadership' as the attitude leaders need to succeed. In essence it’s a passion for 'essence thinking' and 'big picture thinking'.

Adriaan Groenewald

Seamless leaders see a much bigger picture than an ordinary leader. Nelson Mandela is one of the best examples of this.

Adriaan Groenewald

None of these leaders are perfect, but they all show aspects of 'seamless leadership'.

Adriaan Groenewald

The book forces you to think universally. You can learn from anyone! Even from Gareth Cliff and Chad le Clos. You can even learn from Hitler.

Adriaan Groenewald

Michael Jordaan, Adrian Gore and Mark Cutifani stood out for me.

Adriaan Groenewald

President Zuma is slow when making decisions. Julius Malema is bold and fearless, and underestimated by the mainstream media.

Adriaan Groenewald

25 May 2015 8:09 PM

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