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Music profile: Cellist Abel Salaocoe home for Quartet of Peace performances

7 April 2019 2:30 PM

Award-winning cellist Abel Salaocoe shares the inspiration for his fusion of African and classical music on Weekend Breakfast.

Home-grown cellist Abel Salaocoe is becoming known for his successful marrying of African and classical musical styles.

Salaocoe studied at the Royal College of Music in London and won the Standard Bank Young Artist award for music in 2017.

He joins Africa Melane on Weekend Breakfast and shares the story of his musical development.

It took me a long time... (In London) I was always nostalgic for home, I was always listening to so much music from home.

Abel Salaocoe, Cellist

I thought how can I stand out in such a saturated music industry, especially in the UK or all around the world and I found that no-one really does it - mixing their culture with this Western influence, especially with South African music.

Abel Salaocoe, Cellist

This is really my identity - the classical African experience.

Abel Salaocoe, Cellist

As part of Freedom Month celebrations, Salaocoe is taking part in a South African tour organised by the Quartet of Peace Trust.

The organisation supports young artists from South Africa and commissioned four instruments, each dedicated to one of the country's Nobel Peace Prize laureates.

Salaocoe will be playing the Mandela “Hope” cello.

They've commissioned a piece from us that we've written, for string quartet and African drums.

Abel Salaocoe, Cellist

A concert in Johannesburg on 10 April will be followed by a performance in Cape Town on 12 April.

Tickets are available on Quicket.

There is also a free performance for students in Stellenbosch on 16 April.

Take a listen to the rest of the discussion below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Music profile: Cellist Abel Salaocoe home for Quartet of Peace performances

7 April 2019 2:30 PM