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SPONSORED CONTENT: KFC: How adding hope is changing millions of lives

21 August 2019 4:35 PM

Have you ever wondered where your R2 donation goes?

When you sit down to think about the fact that more than half of our population still live in poverty and, that young, unemployed mothers, together with selfless grandmothers are raising grandchildren with very little resources – it’s a realisation that you cannot ignore. It’s a thought that stays with you, tugging at your heartstrings and, calling for you to help make a change.

The sad reality is, too many children still go hungry in our country and, the cost of inaction is too high. So, when KFC called on you to join forces in addressing one of the most pressing challenges of our time, childhood hunger– adding hope wasn’t a difficult decision for you to make.

Every R2 counts

In 2009, KFC added a new item to the menu and, that item was – Hope. The powerful initiative called on KFC customers like you to donate R2 to help fight childhood hunger, a problem that robs our children of opportunities they need in order to enhance their future potential.

But, that potential is squandered when 1,120 children under the age of five still die of malnutrition every year in South Africa, when 27% of our pre-schoolers are stunted and when over 3.2 million of our children still go to school hungry.

You obliged, without hesitation and, because of that, the initiative has continued to expand its reach and the number of NGOs throughout South Africa, who provide daily, nutritious meals to pre-schoolers, school goers and – in some instances –their families.

Have you ever wondered where your R2 donation goes?

It takes a village to raise a child and, you’re part of it – a social movement that has changed the lives of over 150 000 children in need, through the sustainable feeding programmes of 138 non-profit organisations.

Add Hope now provides 75 million meals to children in need across SA every year. This is more than 500 times what was first collected and distributed in 2009.

Here’s how you and KFC are still adding hope, ten years on:

  1. Add Hope has now raised a combined total of more than half a billion in customer donations and KFC corporate social investment contributions.

  2. The annual totals have increased from R18.1million in 2011 to R74, 8million in 2018. The growth of customer donations ensures that hungry children have the vital nutrition they require, daily.

  3. Of the total donation, 66% – R49 million – emanated from your generosity, the KFC customer.

  4. The customer donation target for 2019 is R56 million.

KFC’s Add Hope is a story of how your R2 donation is making and will continue to make a meaningful impact on the futures of our children. Visit to read more Stories of Hope.

This article first appeared on KFM : SPONSORED CONTENT: KFC: How adding hope is changing millions of lives

21 August 2019 4:35 PM


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