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Meet the women who saved Ines Antonio’s life

26 August 2015 6:55 AM

EWN's Mia Lindeque has kept in touch with acid burn victim, Ines Antonio. She catches up with her & the women who saved her life.

Image: Aida Mwaniki was once Ines Antonio's client, she's now one of her angels.

In November 2014, 702’s John Robbie received a call from Jennifer Ford, the woman who we’ve now come know as acid burn victim, Ines Antonio’s former employee.

Ford explained to John that Antonio’s ex-boyfriend had burned her face and upper body with acid. The horrifying attack occurred on the third day of the 16 Days of Activism and was picked up by news outlets across South Africa.

702 has kept in touch with Antonio in the months following the attack, in her first conversation with 702’s Xolani Gwala she explained that it had taken police two weeks to bring her attacker into custody. He has since been accused of attempted murder and a case is being pursued against him.

EWN Journalist, Mia Lindeque, who first picked up Antonio’s story has been in touch with her throughout the year. This week Lindeque sat down with the women who rallied together to get Antonio’s story out to the world - and gave her hope to live for the next day in those first few weeks following the attack.

Aida Mwaniki and Jennifer Ford and one other woman, who cannot be named because she is looking after Ines’ daughter, are the everyday heroes who rallied together to help the young woman out when they received the news of Antonio’s attack in November last year.

Image: Mia Lindeque joined the women at Jennifer Ford's salon where Antonio used to work.

The women raised awareness to get Antonio’s story heard by anyone who could assist – financially, take in her daughter, hospital visits and homemade meals while Antonio was in hospital.

10 months after her attack, Antonio is looking forward to starting reconstructive surgery so that she can go back to finish school next year.

Image: Ines Antonio is still dealing with the shock of the acid attack in November 2014.

Speaking about the process of recovery and working to get her life back again, Antonio broke down in tears . . .

Dr. Ndobe, who specializes in plastic surgery and practices in several hospitals around Johannesburg heard Antonio’s story on 702 and called into the John Robbie Show to offer his services.

Ines went for her first consultation with the Plastic Surgeon yesterday.

26 August 2015 6:55 AM