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Eskom's Majuba silo collapse timeline

3 November 2014 12:59 PM

Eskom had a busy day on Saturday as news of the collapsed silo the the Majuba power plant spread on social media.

The collapse of a coal silo at the 3 600MW (megawatt) Majuba Power Station in Mpumalanga on Saturday, 1 November created a crisis for Eskom and required significant load shedding on Sunday 2 November.

Capacity is still constrained at Majuba to 600MW as a temporary solution is implemented at Majuba. Here is how it unfolded.

The first mention on social media appears to be Charl van Niekerk on Saturday afternoon.

Harry G attempted to ask Eskom for comment just before 3pm on Saturday. He got no response. The silo collapsed at 13:12.

Eskom's first acknowledgement on social media was on Saturday night at 23:30 to say there would be load shedding the following day.

Energy expert Anton Eberhard was one of the first to mention what was happening just after 7pm and just before 8pm posted this.

Another regular energy commentator Chris Yelland picked up the tweets explaining what the implication of the silo collapse would be.

First pictures of the collapse emerged on Sunday with Eskom requiring 2 000MW load reduction resulting in significant shedding in most major cities.

Eskom called a press briefing on Sunday afternoon and began updating their social accounts with the new info.

It will be some time before power output can be restored at Majuba and there is risk of load shedding in the interim. Updates are available from Eskom and the Power Alert websites.

Majuba Power Station silo collapsed blocking coal delivery.

Eskom planned solution to restore the coal feed to the Majuba Power Station.

Eskom Briefing in Majuba Power Station Silo collapse

3 November 2014 12:59 PM