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Advice on how to mend broken relationships with friends and family

26 September 2016 11:42 AM

Want to reach out to an estranged loved one, but not sure where to start? A relationship coach offers tips during Family Matters.

Not all estranged relationships need to be salvaged, explains relationship coach Stephanie Dawson-Cosser.

However, it is important for individuals to identify their current priority relationships, while also expressing their gratitude for relationships gone by.

There are people who only journey with us for a period of time, and then we move on. The question is did we thank them for the journey that we shared, and if we didn't, do we need to?!

Stephanie Dawson-Cosser, relationship coach

If we're feeling guilty that we haven't kept up with everyone that was in our lives 30 years ago, we would never have time to live in the moment. It's about prioritising those key people.

Stephanie Dawson-Cosser, relationship coach

Dawson-Cosser explains that affection in both familial and romantic relationships requires effort as well as direct contact.

She says that it takes courage to restore strained relationships, by confronting past conflicts through dialogue.

There's work to be done. Often, that work is a simple conversation that needs to be talked through.

Stephanie Dawson-Cosser, relationship coach

In addition, both parties need to acknowledge their role in the break down of communication barriers in the relationship.

According to Dawson-Cosser, many adult relationships are influenced by the one's formed with family while growing up.

She says that family rituals and celebratory occasions become the "heartbeat moments" in someone's life.

But because of instant technology and communication, many relationships carry greater expectations these days.

She says that social media cannot translate tone, intent or the sincerity that is required from "offline" relationships.

Listen to the full conversation from The Redi Tlhabi Show (with Eusebius Mckaiser):

26 September 2016 11:42 AM