Bloem 24 Hour MTB

  1. Website: http://bit.ly/2zfC2r7
  2. Venue: Retief VCSV Kampterrein, Maselspoort
  3. Email: info@bloem24hour.co.za / Info@afriadventures.co.za
  4. Phone: 082 442 4988
  5. Date: 2 December 12:00 PM — 3 December 2017 12:00 PM
  6. Entrance Fee: R200 - R1100

The Bloemfontein 24Hour MTB event is the oldest MTB event in the Free State. Participants get a chance to test them selves over a 24hour period to see who can do the most laps of the 7km MTB route within the allocated time.

Racing starts at midday (12:00) on Saturday and continues through the night to conclude at midday on Sunday(12:00).

Whether you are a racing snake of just a weekend warrior, this event caters for everyone. You can ride as much as you want during the allocated time, and if you feel like taking a break you are more than welcome to. Food and drinks will be for sale throughout the event so make sure you bring some extra $ to the event.

Participants have the option to compete as a solo rider or be part of a 5 man team.

The categories:

Solo Male Solo Female

Open Team Masters Team (Combined age of 250 years) Mixed team ( Including min of 2 female riders) Schools Team ( Team of 6 – Including min of 1 female rider) Teams are all allowed on the track at the same time, as each lap of each team member counts towards there total.

Remember, the race is not won till the last lap. The Bloemfontein 24Hour MTB event is the oldest MTB event in the Free State

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