Soweto Ink Festival

  1. Website: http://sowetoinkfestival.nutickets.co.za/tattooconvention
  2. Venue: Walter Sisulu Square, Soweto, South Africa
  3. Date: 16 December 02:00 PM — 17 December 2017 02:00 AM
  4. Entrance Fee: R100

Soweto Ink is a tattoo parlor/Brand based in Soweto and they have a growing influence in the artistic and tattoo lifestyle in and around Soweto.

Since tattoos are still demonized and seen as ruining one's body, this convention seeks to teach and expose those who haven't been exposed to the beauty and art of tattoos. Artists from all over the country will unite and show off some of their works and if you're not scared of needles, you might just get yourself a fresh tattoo also. As soon as the sun sets Djs and Live Performances will take over.