702 Listens survey

Take part in the 702 listens survey and win prizes from 702.

We've been listening to you for 40 years. You have been telling us what inspires you, worries you, saddens you, elevates you, connects you and transforms you. Now we want you to take part in our biggest project yet as we celebrate 40 years on the airwaves. We want 702 to be even more important to you.

Tell us how you live your life and how together we can build South Africa today and for tomorrow.

702 listens is your biggest chance to do this. Take part by completing this survey (it’ll take less than 20 minutes).

Upon completion, you will stand a chance to win an opportunity for you and a partner to attend selected 702 events in 2020 including a family entry to Walk the Talk (for four people) and 3 sets of tickets (for two people) to 702 supported musical events.

Click here to take part in the survey and help us make an even better 702 for you!