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Blue Chip ChallengeChris Gardner, the inspiration behind The Pursuit of Happyness, which spent over twenty weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list. Since then it has been translated into fourteen languages and was the inspiration behind the movie of the same name. Will Smith starred as Gardner and received Academy Award, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild nominations for his powerful performance. Gardner was an associate producer on the film.
Faberge relaunches online
The legend of Faberge began in 1885 when Czar Alexander III decided to but his wife Czarina Maria Fedoronova an exceptional gift for the 20th wedding anniversary. Czar ordered an Easter Egg from a young jeweller Peter Faberge. Seeing his wife’s delight on Czar commissioned for an Easter Egg every year from then on. Bruce got more from CEO Mark Dunhill about the luxury jeweller. For more info visit
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Alan Knott-Craig’s “Second is Nothing”
Alan Knott-Craig is the man responsible for growing Vodacom into a leading telecommunications force. He chats to Bruce about his newly-launched book “Second is Nothing”, the title of which was inspired by his father’s words, “It’s better to come first than 2nd.

The novel talks about his time in the cellphone industry and as CEO of Vodacom. Alan also spoke about the interconnect tariffs battle between the communications authority, Icasa and the cell phone companies.

Alan says he thinks the fees are too high and should be dropped, especially since it will have no material impact on the big cell players such as Vodacom and MTN.
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FNB’s internet woes
FNB CEO Michael Jordaan says sorry to his customers for internet problems following an upgrade.
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The role of a Reserve Bank Shareholder
Deputy General Manager of the SA Reserve Bank Jannie Rossouw says shareholders are there to add transparency to the Central Bank and the only role they play, is to elect the seven non-executive members of the board.
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Brrrrand of the year – Always Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola has dominated global brands for the last decade and once again comes out on tops in the Interbrand Survey.
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How to Spend It Goes Online
How to Spend It Editor Gillian de Bono spoke to Bruce about the publication going online. How to Spend It is the Financial Times’ luxury lifestyle magazine has gone online, similar to the Business Day’s ‘Wanted’.
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End of an Era for Pick ‘n Pay Boss
Raymond Ackerman is stepping down as Pick ‘n Pay Chairman from March next year. He bought four small shops called Pick ‘n Pay from founder Jack Goldin in 1967 and turned it into an empire.
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Orange bullies SA companies to change their names
UK Telecomms company, Orange has sent letters to several SA companies who bear the word “orange” in their names. The telecoms giant is requesting they change their names. Werksman Attorneys Eric Levenstein says it’s a very tricky situation and companies may have to do as Orange requests. Marketing and Communications strategist says he thinks Orange is going about it the wrong way.
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It seems that emerging markets have shrugged of the recession and are making rapid recoveries from the global economic crisis. Investec Strategist Michael Power has just returned from a trip to Latin America and several eastern countries, including Singapore and China. Michael says business is booming in these markets. One of the world's most influential investors, Dr Mark Mobius shares the same sentiment.
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A Finweek investigation has revealed that bank charges have gone up 16% in the last 12 months. Absa has gone from being the cheapest to the most expensive since 2007. Bruce takes a deeper look.

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